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Local Government and Human Rights
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Autor  Programa Ciudadanía y Gestión Pública 
Autor:Gonzalo Delamaza (Compilador), 1ª Ed. Año: 2008. Editorial: Programa Gestão Pública e Cidadania, São Paulo.


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Título del libro: Local Government and Human Rights

Autor: Gonzalo Delamaza (Compilador)

Edición: 1ª Ed.

Año: 2008

Editorial: Programa Gestão Pública e Cidadania, São Paulo.

ISBN: 978-85-99720-08-0

Páginas: 102 p

Resumen del libro: In the mid 1980s, the Ford Foundation began its support of a number of different initiatives around the World that are dedicated to identifying and disseminating experiences in a variety of areas of public activity that are making a significant contribution to increasing service provision, broadening citizenship and improving governance. The innovations approach uses open access awards programs to reach out into all forms of public action and discover those practices that are emerging in the day to day –in regulatory agencies, in street and field services, in both the big urban centers and the tiny town and villages- where people are facing problems that they have the possibility to do something about. There are currently ten such programs in Brazil, Chile, China, East Africa, Indian Nations of the USA, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, South Africa and the USA.


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